Ram Sene Chief Pramod Muthalik Compares Gauri Lankesh's Murder To A Dog's Death, Gets Slammed

| June 18 , 2018 , 09:29 IST

Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik on Monday sparked controversy as his comments indirectly comparing the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh with the death of a dog went viral.

In his statement, Muthalik defended the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the murder of Lankesh and questioned whether the PM was expected to respond every time a dog died in Karnataka.

"Sri Ram Sene doesn't have any role in the murder of Gauri Lankesh. Everyone is saying that Hindu groups conspired to kill Gauri Lankesh. But two murders in Maharashtra and two in Karnataka took place during Congress's regime. But no one is saying anything about the Congress government's failure. Instead they ask why PM Modi has kept mum about her murder. Why should PM Modi react? Do you expect Modi to respond everytime a dog dies in Karnataka?" Muthalik said.

The statements from Muthalik came after a Special Investigation Team found that the suspected shooter, Parashuram Waghmare, was a member of the Sri Ram Sene organisation and a picture of Muthalik and Waghmare surfaced in the media.

Muthalik admitted that his organisation had ideological differences with Gauri Lankesh, but "We have not nor will we stoop down to murdering that person."

In a tweet, Congress party national spokesperson Manish Tewari slammed Muthalik's comparison of Lankesh with a dog, and said "Disgusting,nauseating, revolting...vigilante group Sri Ram Sene’s Head Pramod Muthalik compares assassinated journalist Gauri Lankesh to a dog. Mr Prime Minister Narendra Modi you did not condemn Gauri Lankesh’s murder are you now going to condone this too."