Court's Stay Order On Bengaluru Bandh Aides PM Modi's Mega Rally

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| February 3 , 2018 , 18:42 IST

Karnataka High Court's declaration of the self-called bandh on February 4 by some organisations as "unconstitutional" and hence, acted as an aide for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mega address in the IT hub marking the culmination of party's Parivartan rally on Sunday.

Bhartiya Janata Party must have sighed in relief after the court's stay order on the bandh in relation to the Mahadayi water sharing dispute issue as the party has to prepare of PM's anticipated rally in the state for quite long.

Citing a Supreme Court order, the high court cleared that no individual or organisation has any right to call for bandh while directing the Siddaramaiah government to ensure that day-to-day lives of the common people along with commerce and industrial activities are not affected by the shutdown.

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BJP has accused the state government of urging the pro-Kannada groups to organise strikes at the time of party's big event. Notably, the claims aren't exactly shallow as the first Bandh called on January 25 on Mysuru was organised a day before BJP President Amit Shah's rally.

Repeating the allegation, BJP on Friday claimed that Karnataka government wanted to influence the people "only to thwart PM Modi's rally". The state BJP's tweet read, "These regressive ideas of a bandh, more so when it is not voluntary, have no space in a democracy."

Both BJP and Congress are accusing each other of unlawful activities to gain a significant support for the upcoming Assembly elections. While the Siddaramaiah government is supporting the protestors in the Kalasa Banduri project that aims at diverting water into the northern districts of the state, BJP is against it.