Policeman Tries To Fire At Congress Leader Kamal Nath, Overpowered By Security

| December 15 , 2017 , 20:54 IST

As per Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tanka, a policeman tried to fire his rifle at senior Congress leader Kamal Nath at the Chhindwara airstrip in Madhya Pradesh. The policeman was overpowered by the security personnel present at the airstrip and has now been placed under suspension.


Rajya Sabha MP and advocate Vivek Tankha posted two tweets informing about the incidence.


Kamal Nath represents Chhindwara in Loksabha and is presently the longest serving member of the Indian Parliament. He has been elected nine times from Chhindwara.


He has won every election since 1980 with the sole exception of elections to 11th Loksabha in 1996.

Poda De

Congress is cheaply sensationalising a non-issue - how can an oldie like Kamalnath be anybody's shoot-target that too from his own security !