PNB Scam: Govt Agencies Are Creating Havoc, Says Mehul Choksi, Claiming His Innocence

| February 25 , 2018 , 14:14 IST

Businessman Mehul Choksi, the owner of Gitanjali Gems and an accused in the Rs 11,300 crore Punjab National Bank fraud case against Nirav Modi, reached out to his employees in an open letter on Saturday, proclaiming his innocence without disclosing his location.

"I will face my destiny and I know I have done nothing wrong and ultimately the truth shall prevail," Choksi said in a letter released by his lawyer Sanjay Abbot, expressing fear of safety for himself and his family due to the "unfair treatment, investigation, media frenzy and political statements".

In the letter to the employees, Choksi blamed investigative agencies and government agencies "hell bent" on stopping operations and maintained that he was being falsely accused of defrauding PNB.

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"I am facing a lot of problems due to the manner in which the multiple investigative agencies/ government agencies have started to create a havoc, hell bent upon stopping the operations," Choksi said in the letter.

Choksi highlighted the "situation of fear and injustice" created against him and the company, suggesting the 3,500 employees to scout for alternate career options due to the "uncertainty looming over payment of dues", termination of office operations, and "unfair investigation".

He expressed "helplessness" in clearing the dues to the employees, since the investigative authorities have seized his bank accounts and other properties.

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The Gitanjali Gems owner added that the employees can retain laptops and mobile phones issued by the organisation until dues were cleared, and that relieving letters/experience certificates would be issued as needed.

Recently, the main accused in the Rs 11,400 crore PNB scam, Nirav Modi, had lashed out on the bank for making details of the amount owed public, alleging that now it would be difficult for him to payback the amount due, which he claimed was less than the Rs 11,400 crore alleged by PNB.

In the wake of Punjab National Bank releasing the details of the scam to the public and filing a case with the CBI, the Income-Tax department, Enforcement Directorate and the CBI have been conducting raids on assets connected to Nirav Modi and co-accused Mehul Choksi.