PM Wears All Sorts Of Headgears But Refuses To Wear Muslim Skull Cap: Shashi Tharoor

| August 6 , 2018 , 12:39 IST

Congress Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor, who is as famous for his controversial statements as for his advanced vocabulary, on Sunday at an event in Thiruvananthapuram questioned why Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who wears all sorts of headgears, refuses to wear a Muslim skull cap.

"Why does the PM, who wears all sorts of headgears from across the world, refuse to wear a Muslim skull cap? Why does he refuse to wear the colour green, which in his view is a colour of Muslims and wearing the colour amounts to Muslim appeasement?" Tharoor said.

The statements from the Congress leader came during a seminar titled 'Standing up to hatred: Intolerance and violence in contemporary India'.

Tharoor further slammed the BJP and right-wing organisations for the rising cases of cow vigilantism and attacks on minorities, blaming PM Modi for his silence on such issues.

"Not once has the PM spoken immediately after these incidents (attacks on minorities in the name of protecting cows) to assure people that he disapproves of this violence. The perception that then goes out is that if the PM does not speak, he does not mind these things. This emboldens the perpetrators," Tharoor said.

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During the address, Tharoor further said that he was convinced that if famous Swami Vivekananda were alive today, even he would be attacked by right-wing goondas (thugs), similar to how Swami Agnivesh was attacked in Jharkhand last month.

"I am convinced that if Swami Vivekanda were to come to today's India, he would be the target of these goondas. They will bring engine oil to throw at his face and will also try to knock him down on the streets because Vivekanda would be saying, respect people. He would say humanity is more important. We are Hindus in the Vivekananda tradition, not in the Savarkar or Golwarker tradition," Tharoor said.