PM Should Follow His Own Advice To Me, Speak More Often: Manmohan Singh On Kathua, Unnao

| April 18 , 2018 , 12:12 IST

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has often been mocked for his silence, but in a recent interview, he slammed PM Narendra Modi over his long silence on the rape and murder of an 8-year-old in Kathua and the alleged rape of a teenager by a BJP MLA in Unnao.

Manmohan Singh, said, " PM Narendra Modi should follow own advice to me, speak more often," in an exclusive interview to the Indian Express published on Wednesday.

“I think the Prime Minister should follow his own advice to me and he should speak more often. Through press (reports) I know that he used to criticize me for not speaking up. I feel that the advice that he used to give me, he should follow it himself,” said Manmohan Singh.

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“I do feel that those in authority must speak up in time (so as) to give a lead to their followers,” he said.

PM Modi broke his silence on the rapes last Friday when he said that the “daughters of India” will get justice and the guilty won’t be spared.

The veteran Congress leader Manmohan Singh also critiqued the way that Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister had handled the Kathua rape case.

“She could have handled this more seriously, taken matters into her hands right from the beginning and taken a firm stand” to bring the guilty to book without delay, said Singh.

 “There are bound to be pressures…but if it is carried to such an extent that you can condone the sad demise of an eight-year-old girl having been raped and kept for a week in a temple, that is the most shocking thing,” he said.

 “People are misusing the authority of government. They think they can get away with it…law and order is the responsibility of state governments. The BJP government at the Centre could send instructions to its state governments to ensure that law and order is properly enforced, and minorities and Dalits and women are treated properly,” said Manmohan Singh.