PM Modi Gives His 'Invaluable Gift To India', Inaugurates Ro-Ro Ferry Service From Gujarat

| October 22 , 2017 , 14:28 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his third trip to Gujarat this month, on Sunday inaugurated his dream project, the Ro-Ro (Roll on, Roll off) ferry service between Ghogha and Dahej in Gujarat, terming it as his "invaluable gift to India".

The first phase of the Ro-Ro ferry service which was inaugurated on Sunday will shorten a distance of 360-km to 31-km, reducing travel time from 7 hours to 1 hour, connecting south Gujarat and Saurashtra by linking Ghogha and Dahej. The cost of the project is pegged at Rs 615 crore, almost double the initial projected cost, but is the first world-class Ro-Ro ferry service of South Asia.

"This programme may be for a ferry between Ghogha and Dahej but this programme is of vital importance for the entire nation," PM Modi said at the inauguration.

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"The ferry service is a first of sorts. It's a dream come true for people of Gujarat," the PM added.

"The history of human civilisation illustrates the vitality of rivers and maritime trade. Gujarat is the land of Lothal. How can we forget these aspects of our history? This programme is to bring back to life our glorious past, connect Saurashtra and south Gujarat," PM Modi said.

"Imagine how much time and petrol this ferry service will save," he continued.

"Gujarat is blessed with a long coastline and we should harness opportunities arising due to this. We took steps in developing coastal infrastructure," PM Modi said.

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"When I was serving as chief minister, I faced hostility from the then central government. Efforts were made to stall industries and the state's (Gujarat's) growth. Over the last three years we have changed that and given importance to the development of Gujarat," said the PM.

"Sadly, our transport sector was not integrated enough. We have changed that in the last three years. The goal is to make our transport sector integrated and state-of-the-art," PM Modi continued.

"This ferry service will not be restricted to this one route. We are planning to link other places also through ferries," said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After inaugurating the Ro-Ro ferry, the PM will be laying the foundation for several other developmental projects in Vadodara.