PM Modi Attacks Congress For Salman Nizami’s Tweets, Nizami Says They Are Fake

| December 9 , 2017 , 14:42 IST

Day one of Gujarat polls began PM Modi attacking the congress party for questioning his lineage. While election campaigns are full of attacks and counter attacks, today was different. The Prime Minister did not name any senior Congress leader but a Youth leader from Jammu and Kashmir named Salman Nizami.

Speaking at an election rally in Lunavada, PM Modi said “There is a youth Congress leader Salman Nizami, he is even campaigning for Congress in Gujarat. He wrote on Twitter about Rahul Ji's father, grandmother. That is ok but he asks - Modi tell me who is your Mother, who is your father. Such language can't even be used for enemies.”

“Salman Nizami asks on Twitter- Modi who is your father, who is your mother. Among the other things he says- he calls for Azad Kashmir. He calls our army rapists. How can the people accept such people like Salman Nizami. He also says there will be an Afzal from every home.” PM further added.

Responding to PM’s charge Congress leader and former Union Minister Rajiv Shukla disowned Salman Nizami saying, “Who is Salman Nizami? We do not know him. He does not hold any position in the party. We can also say that there is some random person Ram Lal in BJP who said something.”


However Salman Nizami’s bio says he is a Congress Politician and as per reports he was appointed the Joint Secretary of Jammu Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee in 2014. He has been actively campaigning for the Congress party in Gujarat. He even addressed public meetings in Shakti Sinh Gohil’s constituency.


Nizami says that the tweets attributed to him were fake and that he has lodged complaint with the Cyber Crime department. In his complaint Nizami had said that some unknown persons have circulated fake and hate tweets from an unverified Twitter handle in a bid to smear his reputation.


In his defense Nizami adds “Fake tweets cannot stand in between me & my commitment for India. My brother was killed by Pak terrorists, do I still need to prove my nationalism?”