Plan Was Being Made To Kill Me, Alleges VHP Chief Pravin Togadia After Disappearing

| January 16 , 2018 , 12:52 IST

The International Working President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Pravin Togadia who went missing on Monday for several hours only to be found in a hospital, addressed a press conference on Tuesday, claiming that a plan was being made to kill him.

"I am being targeted for a decades-old case, there is an attempt to suppress my voice. Rajasthan Police team came to arrest me. Someone told me plan was being made to kill me in an encounter," alleged a tearful Togadia in the press conference.

“While I was offering Pooja yesterday morning, one person entered my office and said that I will be killed in police encounter,” he said.

Togadia said that when he came to know that the Rajasthan Police was in Gujarat to arrest him, he left his office and switched off his phone so that his location could not be traced.

“I left office when I came to know that Rajasthan police had come to arrest me. I left office thinking my arrest would lead to chaos. I switched off my phone and went to Thaltej to an activists’ office,” Togadia said.

“I contacted all my advocates in Gujarat and Rajasthan. They advised me to surrender before court. So I left for the airport to reach Jaipur. On the way, I fell near Kotarpur. I don’t remember anything else. I was alone covering myself with a shawl to dodge police,” he said.

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Claiming that he had done nothing wrong, he requested that the Gujarat Crime Branch not succumb to "political pressure" to act against him.

“I am not escaping. I have no complaints with Gujarat or Rajasthan police. All I have to say to Gujarat police that why were you going to search my room. Am I a criminal. Have not done anything wrong. I request Crime Branch not to get under political pressure,” he said.

Togadia was reportedly found unconscious in a park in Ahmedabad and was taken to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with hypoglycemia or dangerously low blood sugar.

After Togadia went missing on Monday, scores of VHP activists protested, alleging involvement of the police in his disappearance and demanding that he be located as soon as possible.

Watch Togadia's press conference below: