Pilot Amol Yadav's Dreams Get Rs 35000 Crores Boost From Maharashtra Govt

| February 20 , 2018 , 17:50 IST

Amol Yadav's dream to set up an aircraft manufacturing company is set to come true. Maharashtra government today signed a Rs 35,000 crore pact with him to build aircraft.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was present when the MoU between Amol Yadav and MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) was signed. This project will give 10,000 jobs in future and will be spread over 157-acre of land in Palghar district.

Amol Yadav hails from Satara district was given assurance by the Chief Minister to start manufacturing facility for six and 19-seater aircraft.

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Maharashtra government will help in getting the required funds.

Yadav said, "The government expects Rs 35,000 crore investment for not my company alone, but also for the ancillaries which will be a part of the hub".

In the first phase, he is expected to build a prototype of a 19-seater plane and three similar planes for production. The investment for this task is Rs 200 Cr and he expects to spend that amount within six months.

"Our target, from the Rs 35,000 crore investment, is very simple. We want to make 600 19-seater planes in the next 2-3 years and then take it to 1,300 planes after that. We are planning for 1300 19-seater planes at present," he said.

A senior commander with Jet Airways, Yadav has promoted Thrust Aircraft Private Limited company for manufacturing aircraft.

His six-seater aircraft was the centre of attraction during the Make In India exhibition held in Mumbai in 2016.

The aircraft, that was assembled on the terrace of a Charkop building, got the certificate of registration from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in 2017.


Wonder if even the project will get a test flight clearance from DGCA. Points of failure 1. Roof top designs can make an aircraft which will stay afloat in air. Rooftop designs cannot make aircraft which will have failure tolerance of 1 in 10 exp 9 hours 2. Rooftop designs lack all the technical expertise, systems engineering and documentation required for structures, hydraulics, landing gear, cockpit, flight control, environmental control and lot more. 3. A 19 seater aircraft to carry humans requires safety certification of FAR 23 rev 64 equivalent. Timeline of 6 months for test flight itself shows immaturity of the pilot The pilot can design an object which may fly. But it takes a lot more to design a flying object which is safe to carry humans. I feel the decision taken is utter haste and holds no technical soundness. Michael Schumacher cannot design an F1 car. He can drive it. I am really amazed how a pilot can be put in charge of aerospace project who knows nothing of design. Making a structural shape even a street side carpenter or body shop technician will make it. I request the government to seriously look at the technical soundness of proposal reviewed by experts and then proceed for funding. I am available for sunil (dot) isro (dot) 83 (at) gmail (dot) com