Bizarre! Passenger 'Forcibly' Removed From IndiGo Flight Over Complaint Of Mosquitoes

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| April 10 , 2018 , 16:32 IST

Every other day, incidences of unruly behaviour by Airline staff is coming out, making the passengers worried. In another incident, the low-cost carrier IndiGo forcibly offloaded a Bengaluru-based doctor after he complained of mosquitoes on board flight 6E 541.

The surgeon was travelling from to Bengaluru from Lucknow on Monday when the incident happened. As soon as he boarded the flight, he complains about the mosquitoes but instead of catering to his needs, crew members manhandled him before offloading from the aircraft.

The airlines, however, has denied all such claims stating that the passenger was using threatening language and offloaded because of his "unruly behaviour" with a flight attendant adding that the doctor named Saurabh Rai used the word "hijack" onboard.

The government has now ordered an inquiry into the matter. "I have ordered an enquiry into the incident of off-loading passenger Dr Saurabh Rai by Indigo at Lucknow Airport," assured Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu.

Claiming that the crew members held him by his collar before offloading him over his complaint of mosquitoes, Saurabh said, "I heard the crew saying 'if you have a problem with mosquitoes then why don't you leave India?" adding, "After they deboarded me, they told I can fly only if I tender an apology."

When he refused to apologise, the flight took off without him and he had to buy another ticket for his travel. All the photos and videos he recorded of the incident were allegedly deleted by the IndiGo authorities. He further questioned Airline's claim of his bad behaviour and asked why was he allowed to travel on other flight with any complaint.