Pakistan Uses Divers To Smuggle Drugs Across IB Into Punjab: Intel

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| October 11 , 2017 , 09:11 IST

Infiltration and smuggling from across the Pakistan border continue to be a menace, but as the BSF has boosted its vigil along the International Border (IB), intelligence sources have revealed that narcotics smugglers from Pakistan are now using trained divers to smuggle the drugs into India.

The Border Security Force which guards a stretch of 518 km of land and 33 km of riverine along the IB in Punjab, has recently introduced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), laser walls and thermal imagers along the border to put a hold to drug smuggling. In the past 3 years, the BSF has seized 729 kg of narcotics, mostly heroin, worth a total of hundreds of crores.

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The new method employed by smugglers to deliver drugs via divers came to light during the interrogation of a drug peddler who revealed that his consignment of narcotics was delivered to him by a diver.

According to intelligence reports, specially trained divers, provided with specialised gear would use the Satluj and Ravi rivers to enter Punjab along with drug consignments. The divers used re-breathers so as to conceal any bubbles from surfacing.

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The divers would use WhatsApp to carry out trans-border communication and use gullible Indian farmers to complete the narcotics deliveries. Several farmers have been caught with narcotics hidden amidst their agriculture tools as well, confirming the intelligence.

"We are using various methods, including technology, to seal the unfenced riverine gaps, but scuba divers are proving to be a real challenge," said a senior BSF officer of Ferozpur sector.

J K Virdi, commandant of 105-Battalion of BSF said that drug smuggling is being addressed effectively by the Indian troops.