P Chidambaram Defends Congress' Idea Of India Against BJP, Calls For Youth To Join Rahul Gandhi

| December 17 , 2017 , 17:18 IST

Former Union minister P Chidambaram has always supported Congress and the party's ideology against the one of BJP's. The leader has never shied away from taking a jibe at the ruling party for its wrong or unnecessary decisions but comparing their ongoing term with that of UPA.

Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday stepped down as party chief and crowned Rahul Gandhi as the new head. With the appointment of a new party leader, the party is looking forward to creating an alternative narrative based on fairness, equal opportunity and jobs for the youth.

Following Gandhi's speech, Chidambaram reiterated the keys points as placed forward by Rahul through a series of tweets. He wrote, "The Congress will build an alternative narrative based on fairness, equal opportunity, jobs for the youth, and lifting 250 million people out of poverty."

The leader further confirmed that Congress follows a completely different ideology and Indian history recall from BJP. Rahul Gandhi has always called for the youth to join the Congress and contribute to India's development. Chidambaram said that the youngsters will also defend the idea.

"Our idea of India is different from the BJP's. Mr Rahul Gandhi called upon India's youth to defend our idea of India, and I am sure the young will respond," Mr Chidambaram tweeted.

During his address post taking up the position of Congress President, Rahul Gandhi defined his course of action to take over the arch-rival while stating that the party respects and supports all Indians.