Opposition Strikes Back At BJP As Gadkari Says, Modi Govt. Made False Promises In 2014

| October 10 , 2018 , 11:56 IST

Union Road and Transport Minister and senior leader of the Bhartiya Janta Party in a reality show  said that the BJP government came to power with fake and unrealistic promises.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi sharing the clip from the show wrote on Twitter, “Gadkari has proved that the government was made on false promises.”

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Union Minister Gadkari while answering a question at the show said, “We were very confident that we can never come to power. So our people suggested us to make tall promises. If we don’t come to the power, we won’t be responsible anyways. Now people remind us of our promises…we just laugh and move on.”

The show also featured bollywood star Nana Patekar, who was also a guest along the Road and Transport Minister.  

In August this year, Gadkari, while referring to the Maratha agitation, had said that reservation would not guarantee employment as jobs were shrinking in the country.

“Let us assume that reservation is given. But there are no jobs, because in banks, the jobs have shrunk because of IT. The government recruitment is frozen. Where are the jobs?” he had said.