No 'Non-Veg Food' Display In South Delhi Eateries, Directs SDMC

| December 28 , 2017 , 10:42 IST

The BJP-ruled South Delhi Municipal Corporation has directed food stalls in South Delhi to no longer display non-vegetarian food items, outside their respective stalls, citing hygiene and "sentiments of the people" as the main reasons.

A proposal that "both raw and cooked meat" of all kinds be shelved inside shops and not be displayed outside was brought in up in South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) House's recent meeting and was approved by it, says Leader of House Shikha Rai.

"It was a private member resolution originally moved by a councillor from Kakrola village in Najafgarh Zone in the Health Committee meeting. The committee then moved it to the SDMC House, which then approved it," a SDMC spokesperson said.

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"Since it was a private member resolution, the proposal would now be sent to the Commissioner to be examined, if it is in accordance with the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act," he added.

The announcement was slammed by the Congress, which termed it an interference in the personal lives of people.

"This is an interference in people's personal lives. Just because the BJP has majority in the House it cannot make such dictatorial decisions. If it's related to hygiene they should challan those flouting rules. What is the need for bringing in such a blanket ban," said Abhishek Dutt, Congress councilor and leader of his party in the SDMC House.

Dutt added that although they had opposed the move, since BJP holds a majority in the House the motion was approved nonetheless.

The Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor, said that the move was taken keeping in consideration public health, and that there would be no curbing in the sale of non-vegetarian food.

The Indian Medical Association however, raised objections to the proposal saying any food has to be hygienic, regardless of whether the food is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

"We do not find any rational behind the move that prohibits display of only non-vegetarian food outside shops, restaurants. If contamination of food is the concern then why keep out vegetarian food and snacks out of this order," IMA President K K Aggarwal said.

Vimal Sehgal

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