No-Cash 'Bank of Happiness' In Uttarakhand Trades In Good Deeds

| December 22 , 2017 , 15:34 IST

The spirit of giving to the less fortunate and doing good deeds generally spikes around the holiday season. But even for those who wish to share with the less fortunate, how to reach the needy persons often becomes an obstacle.

In a unique concept of connecting people who wish to give, and those who are needy, a resident of Uttarakhand's Haldwani launched an initiative called 'Bank of Happiness' through which basic necessities are provided to those who need them the most, all free of cost.

Residents of the city can use the 'Bank of Happiness' to donate clothes, shoes, utensils and bedding and those in need can come and take away any item of their choice.

Praveen Bhatt had begun the initiative on November 21 last year.

"The aim behind setting up this bank was to ensure our poor brethren, including labourers, live comfortably and receive basic necessities free of cost. We have got great support from people, we have received donations from Dehradun and even Delhi," Bhatt said to ANI.

He added that the Bank also provides coolers and refrigerators to the needy through donations.

"We are also thinking of expanding towards educations. Many children are not going to school so we are thinking of providing them free stationery," Bhatt said.

Residents who had come for donation praised the 'Bank of Happiness' initiative.

"This is commendable, and it can become even better if members of the society contribute. Many want to but don't have a platform. Now they too can give their bit," one of the donors said.