Newborn Wrongly Declared Dead By Max Hospital Dies During Treatment 6 Days Later

| December 6 , 2017 , 14:47 IST

The Max Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi's Shalimar Bagh landed in controversy when it declared a baby born prematurely as dead, and the parents discovered that the baby was in fact living. The miracle baby who was in critical condition when taken to another hospital died on Wednesday during treatment.

Twins had been born prematurely at 22 weeks at the Max Hospital on November 30 and both were declared to be dead by the hospital, later the parents found out that one of the twins was living, and immediately took the baby to another hospital in Pitampura.  

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"After being declared dead, babies were given to us in packets, when we left for cremation ground we noticed movement and on checking found one was breathing. We immediately rushed to nearby hospital," said Ashish, father of the twins.

When the baby was taken to another hospital, it confirmed that the baby was alive, and was subsequently taken into critical care.

The wrongful declaration of death resulted in controversy as the hospital was accused of medical negligence. The hospital, later on, terminated the services of two of its doctors.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government also ordered a probe into the incident and sought a preliminary report. Registrar of the Delhi Medical Council, Dr Girish Tyagi said that it would issue a notice to the hospital and a committee would be constituted to look into the incident.

According to experts, babies born prematurely at 22-week gestation period have a low chance of survival, with 3% chances in the UK and 5% chances in the US.