Narayan Rane And Son Nilesh Calls Quits From Congress, May Join BJP

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| September 21 , 2017 , 18:46 IST

In another setback for Congress, former Maharashtra CM Narayan Rane and his son Nilesh have quit the party alleging the party broke its promise of making him the Chief Minister.

"I have sent my resignation letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. I was promised the post of CM four times, but it was not honoured by the party," the Member of Legislative Council told at a media conference.

He was "used and exploited" by the Congress party for the past 12 years in order to secure the support of his loyalist legislators and party activists, told the former Congress leader.

"I shall prove my strength to Ashok Chavan (Maharashtra Congress President). Many more Congress leaders shall follow suit. My son Nilesh and I have now become 'Congress-mukt' and have nothing to do with the party," Rane said.

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He went on saying, "I went to Congress because I was assured that I will be made chief minister in six months. I waited for 12 years, when I found that there was no scope for me in the Congress, I have decided to quit from the primary membership of the party and membership of the legislative council."

The leader also attacked Congress' state president Ashok Chavan and political secretary Ahmed Patel in his hour-long press briefing.

Rane said, "I did join the Congress, but all along, I was strongly opposed by none other Ashok Chavan for obvious political reasons. Congress lacks commitment and determination to take on the BJP and Shiv Sena."

While speculations are that Rane will join the Bharatiya Janata Party, he has not yet commented on the possibility of this event. Although, Rane did mention that he would go on a state-wide tour of Maharashtra before announcing the next course of action.

Recently, Rane had also met with BJP national president Amit Shah and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, which started rumours of his exit. The BJP has also announced that it would welcome Rane with open arms.