Muslim Women Should Marry Hindus To Escape Triple Talaq, Halala, Says Sadhvi Prachi

| August 2 , 2018 , 10:15 IST

Former VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi who is known for her controversial statements on Tuesday advised Muslim women to join the Hindu community and marry Hindus to avoid being subjected to practices such as triple talaq and nikah halala that oppress women, media reported on Thursday.

“I am fighting the battle for women for a long time. This problem of triple talaq, for which our sister Nida Khan of Bareilly is fighting, I would request her and other such women to leave the religion because either there would be talaq or halala there,” said Prachi.

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Nida Khan, a crusader for womens rights after she was given triple talaq by her husband was recently served with a 'fatwa' for speaking out against Islam.

“There would be no talaq or fear of halala. You should join the Hindu community and there would be no fear. You should leave the society, which only destroys the life of women. Get married into Hindu community… you will find boys with good values… you are welcome,” Sadhvi Prachi said.

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She also asked women who have already received triple talaq to leave their religion as a “slap on the face” of such clerics, and join Hinduism instead to live the life of respect.

Earlier in January, the Uttar Pradesh state government began the process of withdrawing 2 cases of hate speech and criminal charges involving Sadhvi Prachi and others including 2 BJP MPs and 3 BJP MLAs filed in connection with the Muzaffarnagar violence in 2013.

The issue of triple talaq, which allows a Muslim man to divorce his wife simply by saying the word 'talaq' thrice has been widely criticised and is also pending hearing in the Supreme Court. Nikah halala has also received wide criticism as it forces divorced women to marry another man and consummate that marriage before returning to their previous husband.