Mumbai Man Killed As MRI Machine Sucks Him In, Family Blames Hospital For Negligence

| January 28 , 2018 , 15:28 IST

A terrifying case of medical negligence was reported at a hospital in Mumbai on Saturday evening. A man, 32, was sucked into an MRI machine and killed when he entered the MRI room holding an oxygen cylinder.

The deceased man named Rajesh Maru arrived in the Nair Hospital in Mumbai with an elderly relative and was holding the oxygen cylinder for the relative. When they entered the MRI room, he was still holding the oxygen cylinder and the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine's massive magnetic force sucked him in, fatally injuring him. Usually, no metal objects are allowed inside MRI room for safety purposes.

While the family has blamed the hospital for the negligence. Nair Hospital authority has reportedly suspended a ward boy involved in the case by taking urgent action on the event.

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According to reports, the incident occurred when the family was waiting for a doctor outside the MRI room. The victim's kin alleged that a ward boy asked Rajesh to enter MRI room with the oxygen cylinder. When the family questioned if he could step inside the room with a metal object, the ward boy apparently said, "Sab chalta hai, hamara roz ka kaam hai' (it's fine, we do it every day)."

Talking about the incident, Harish Solanki, the victim's relative reportedly said, "When we told him that metallic things aren't allowed inside an MRI room, he said 'sab chalta hai, hamara roz ka kaam hai' (it's fine, we do it every day). He also said that the machine was switched off. The doctor, as well as the technician, didn't say anything. So we thought let's just go in. But as soon as Rajesh entered with the cylinder, it turned out that the machine was on. He was sucked in and his hand got stuck there. His body swelled up and he couldn't speak. It's because of their carelessness that Rajesh died."

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The ward boy pried the body of the victim out of the machine but by then he was already injured badly and was bleeding heavily. He was rushed to the emergency ward where he later died.

Police have started an investigation and registered a case against unknown persons under section 304 of the Indian Penal Code for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

The family of the victim also protested with few locals and BJP MLA MP Lodha inside the dean's office demanding strict action and compensation.