Mumbai: DNA Match Links Serial Child Rapist To 8-Year-Old Cases

| October 17 , 2018 , 09:50 IST

A 34-year-old suspected serial child rapist and molester who was arrested last month, has been found to be allegedly involved in the rape and murder of two minor girls in 2010 in Mumbai.

According to media reports, Qureshi is the accused in at least nine cases in Navi Mumbai, three in Palghar, two in Thane rural, one in Thane and five cases in Mumbai. While 18 of the cases are since 2015 and of sexual assault upon minor girls, the two rape and murder cases are from 2010, in Mumbai.

Commissioner of Police Navi Mumbai, Sanjay Kumar said, “We called for the DNA profiling of the accused and they matched with that of the girls, providing conclusive proof of his involvement as the DNA is unique to every individual. We also confirmed that he had been staying in the area at the time of the rape and killings. On being interrogated, he confessed to both the murders.”

The police told the media that Qureshi was arrested from Mira Road in Thane district by the Navi Mumbai police. Qureshi’s DNA samples matched with the samples taken from the bodies of the two victims.

The investigation revealed Qureshi would lure the girls by telling them their father is waiting for them and then take them to secluded terraces where he would force the girls to undress, said Kumar. If the girls protested or tried to raise an alarm, Qureshi would rape them.