Motorcycle Coach Chetna Nagesh Pandit Commits Suicide

| July 11 , 2018 , 16:56 IST

A 27-year-old former women motorcycle coach and road captain at Enfield Rider committed suicide on Monday. A suicide note was found in the apartment which said that she took the drastic step due to a breakup with her boyfriend.

She was found hanging at her flat where she was residing in Dindoshi. She was staying in the flat along with three other girls on rent. When she took this step none of her flatmates was present.

Pandit was a former woman motorcycle coach and road captain at Enfield Riders. Hailing from Shimoga, Karnataka, she worked at Dirt Bike Rider and was a student of the city-based NSS college.
Her body is lying in the civic-run hospital and will be handed over to her family members, police added.

According to media reports, on the day of the incident, one of the roommates who returned home found the door not being opened in spite of continuously ringing the doorbell.

She then rang Chetna's phone which was also not getting responded. Later with help of a key maker from the nearby locality and with a duplicate key entered the flat and found Chetna Nagesh hanging from the ceiling fan.

She informed her neighbours and the police. The police thereafter took Chetna's body to the hospital.

Chetna's roommates revealed that she staying with them for the last three to four months and that she was a really nice person who never created problems for anyone. She used to enjoy her bike rides and most of the time she was always out of Mumbai on her Enfield tours.  

"We are shocked as to why she took such a drastic step. We never heard of her facing any problem in her life. She was alone and surviving with her younger brother but we don’t have any information about her parents,” they added.