Monsoon Season Comes To An End, 5 Percent Less Rainfall Than Average

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| October 2 , 2017 , 08:38 IST

The monsoon season 2017 caused considerable devastation, triggering floods in various states including Bihar, Gujarat and Assam with heavy rains in Mumbai as well. However, despite the floods, as the June-September monsoon season comes to an end, reports have confirmed that 5 percent less rainfall than average has been recorded.

“Total seasonal rainfall this year is 95% of LPA, which is within our forecast range this year,“ said an IMD official, referring to the long-period average (LPA).

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Although the season began with a normal to surplus rainfall in June and July, the monsoon weakened before a late-season sudden surge. As the monsoon has started withdrawing, dry weather is predicted for most parts of northern, western and central India in the upcoming days.

Crucial contributors to the nation's food supply, Punjab and Haryana saw a rainfall deficit of more than 20 percent, but since both the states have thorough irrigation facilities they might not be as badly affected due to the lack of rainfall. The south peninsula was the only area to receive normal rainfall during the monsoon season.

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Due to the less than average rainfall, the agriculture ministry in its first advance estimates of kharif crops for 2017-18 said that the overall production is expected to be 134.67 million tonnes, a decrease of 3.86 million tonnes from last year's output.

According to officials, India has adequate stocks of foodgrains so the dip in the harvests of this season is not expected to put any pressure on food supply or prices.