Modi addresses Karnataka candidates and leaders through NAMO App

| April 26 , 2018 , 18:35 IST

As the elections for Karnataka are approaching near the pace of the campaign had increased. Both the parties have launched an all-out campaign, which has seen Rahul Gandhi, as well as Amit Shah’s relentless campaign.

On Thursday, PM Modi addressed the candidates, elected members and the office bearers of BJP Karnataka through the NAMO app, on a day when Rahul Gandhi held rallies in Ankola (Northern Karnataka).

While interacting with candidates he motivated and encouraged them to take their individual responsibility with full devotion in the assembly elections and provided guidance.

During the interaction, Modi criticized the Congress party for dividing people on the lines of caste. Without taking name he said these people divide communities and offer lollypops in an indirect reference to Lingayat controversy.

“If you analyse last few elections, you will realise how few political parties have indulged only in dividing societies on religious lines. They exploit emotions of some community before elections and forget them after the elections,” PM Modi said.

Modi also said that Congress was spreading rumors of hung government because of fear of loss. He even also stated that the Congress party would hire the officials from the foreign to fool the public in a reference to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

PM Modi would spearhead the full force campaign form 1st May wherein he will be addressing 15-20 rallies in the southern part of Udupi according to the sources.  

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BJP’s CM candidate BS Yeddyurappa said, “PM Narendra Modi ji's interaction with office bearers, candidate's and karyakartas via the Narendra Modi app will be a shot in the arm to boost the morale and enthuse us going into the elections.”