Prime Minister Modi Addresses The Centenary Celebrations Of Patna University

| October 14 , 2017 , 14:12 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the centenary celebrations of Patna University. The PM is on his Bihar tour, his first since JD(U)’s recent patch up with the BJP recently.

Applauding the contributions of the University Modi said the seeds sown 100 years ago in Patna University are giving fruits now. He said that in every state, the top levels of the civil services have people who have studied in Patna University. 

He said that the knowledge heritage of Bihar is as old as the flow of the river Ganga. No Indian can forget the contributions of Nalanda and Vikramshila when one talks of education in India.

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PM focused on the spirit of innovation during his speech. He said only those nations can progress who give priority to innovation. Modi said that before the IT revolution India was seen as a nation of Snake charmers and black magic. When the IT revolution came, Indian youth changed the way people looked at us. Our old generation used to play with snakes, the new generation plays with a mouse.

PM call upon the youth to look at innovative means in order to tackle and solve the problems that people face in daily lives. He said that this will lead to the growth of startups and lead to economic independence in the country.There was a huge anticipation that the PM may grant Patna University the status of a Central University.

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There was a huge anticipation that the PM may grant Patna University the status of a Central University. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar in his speech too had made this request. The PM, however, said that Central
Universities are a thing of the past.

He said that the government will help 10 private universities and 10 public universities become world class. These 20 universities will be freed of government red-tapism and will be given a grant of 10000 crore rupees in next 5 years.

This selection will be done by a third party professional agency. Modi invited Patna University to take this challenge and show their strength to the