Miscreants Open Fire At Police Near Akshardham Temple, Two Arrested

| February 21 , 2019 , 19:07 IST

A robbery incident was reported at the Pandav Nagar police station, near Akshardham Temple on Thursday evening. When the robbers were apprehended, they opened fire at the police.

Two robbers opened fire on police officers when they were given a chase by the cops. One of the miscreants was held by the police at the spot while the other was also held after chasing him down.

A police officer has reportedly been in injured in the incident.

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The area near the popular Akshardham temple has been swamped with heavy police deployment.

According to sources, the group was fleeing when they came face-to-face with the police near Akshardham temple on NH-24 and opened fire.

The two are being questioned.