Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Praises Modi Govt For Swachh Bharat Mission

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| October 9 , 2018 , 18:57 IST

Praising the Swachh Bharat mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said on Tuesday that now is the time to build on the success of the movement.

Gates said that the movement has been improving sanitation in India.

“The leadership of @narendramodi and the Indian government has played an important role in improving sanitation. Now is the time to build on the success of @swachhbharat,” Gates tweeted.

It is not for the first time when Gates has praised the work of PM Modi government for the efforts being made towards improving sanitation and to promote cleanliness in the country.

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Earlier, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of Gates had congratulated PM Modi government for the efforts being made in reducing malnutrition and sanitation-related problems in the country.

The Swachh Bharat mission was launched in October 2014 by PM Modi. As per Swachh Bharat mission website since October 2, 2014, 870.86 lakh toilets have been built with 1,68,50,457 toilets built in 2018-19.

Under the mission of Swachh Bharat, PM Modi had also launched Swachhata Hi Seva movement on September 15. It aims at fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of clean India.