Blunder! Max Hospital Crosses Limits Of Negligence, Declares Living Newborn Dead

| December 4 , 2017 , 13:20 IST

Hospitals and doctors are meant to be life-savers and not the ones to take lives themselves. People spend thousands at private hospitals to receive better treatment and facilities but the shocking blunder made by Delhi's Max Hospital has shaken people's trust in their services.

Crossing all limits of negligence, the Max Hospital of Shalimar Bagh declared twin newborns dead on Thursday. When the heart-broken family took their babies for cremation, they noticed few signs of movement in one of the twins.

Apparently, out of the two babies (one boy and one girl) delivered at around 8 am on Thursday, the baby girl was born still whereas the baby boy had to be put on a nursery ventilator, for which the hospital was charging a hefty amount, confirmed the twin's grandfather Praveen.

Unwilling to pay such amount for keeping the baby boy at the hospital for three months, the family demanded to hand over the baby to admit him in another hospital in accordance to their budget, following which the authorities declared the child dead.

The family them noticed movement in one of the plastic bags before cremation and rushed to the nearest hospital without delay. Reportedly, the condition of the baby is stable now but the family has lodged a complaint against the hospital.

Police have already started an enquiry into the case and will soon take legal action against the hospital authorities after consulting the legal expert. Reportedly, the doctor who was handling the case has been sent on forced leave.