LT General DS Hooda Who Oversaw Surgical Strike, To Head Congress Panel On National Security

| February 22 , 2019 , 13:24 IST

LT General DS Hooda, The former Northern Command chief of the army who oversaw saw the cross border much lauded Surgical strikes in September 2016  will chair a task – force on national security and also prepare a vision document for the party in the run-up to the impending Lok Sabha polls, announced by the party on Thursday.

The decision was announced by the Congress after a meeting between party president Rahul Gandhi and the retired army official. Lt General Hooda, however, clarified that he has not joined the Congress and his involvement is restricted only to this task force.

According to media reports, Lt Hooda said, "I will pick my own team, which may consist of five to six people. They may be drawn from varied backgrounds such as military, foreign policy experts and even the police,". The task force would target to submit a report in about a month's time on various aspects of the national security."

Whereas, Congress Spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi Tweeted: "Yet another positive and welcome step towards a strong nation and stronger national security by Congress President @RahulGandhi. The experience that Lt Gen (Retd) D S Hooda brings in, will benefit the nation in the long run."

Although Lt General Hooda was not very Thrilled about the surgical strike being “overhyped “ and “politicized’ "I do think there was too much hype over it. The military operation was important and we had to do it. Now how much should it have been politicized, whether it is right or wrong is something that should be asked to politicians," he said during an event in December last year.

Reportedly, Hooda also stated “I have no Plans of joining the Congress or contesting elections, the Congress asked me if I could prepare a broad vision document on national security, with the task and challenges ahead. I agreed because it is something I would like to do falls within my expertise."

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Congress insider said the vision document on national security for the next five years will be presented by the party ahead of Lok Sabha polls. yet it is still unclear whether the document will be the part of Congress manifest or presented separately.