Maharashtra Woman Fights Off Tiger With Stick To Protect Her Goat

| April 5 , 2018 , 17:21 IST

Rupali Meshram from Bhandara, Maharashtra fought a tiger with a stick in her hand to protect her goat.

Luckily she survived the injuries and returned her village on Wednesday.

While talking to media the 23-year old said, "I am a bit worried about returning to my village so soon after an attack like this, but I am not scared."

Her mother Jijabhai said, “I thought my daughter was going to die.”

She later added that she was horrified to see her daughter trying to fight off the big cat.

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The incident occurred when Meshram was in her home in Usgaon village of Sakoli Taluka in Bhandara district. She suddenly heard screams of her goat, which was tied outside. She ran out to find her goat being eyed by a tiger as a prey. She immediately picked up a stick and charged towards the tiger.

The tiger then turned towards Rupali who was saved by her mother, she pulled Rupali inside the house. Both mother and daughter sustained minor injuries in the attack.

Unfortunately, the goat did not survive the attack.  

As per reports, villagers called a forest guard after the attack. The tiger, however, ran off before the guard arrived.

The mother-daughter duo was admitted to a local hospital. Meshram had sustained superficial injuries to her head, waist, legs, and hands. Her mother was struck near the eye by the tiger. They were discharged from the medical facility after treatment and are expected to make a full recovery.

The doctor who treated Meshram said that she had shown "exemplary courage" in fighting the tiger, but was lucky that the ferocious animal did not start biting her.

Last year, a tiger ended up killing four people in Brahmapuri village, Maharashtra.