Maharashtra: Plastic Ban In Effect From Sunday, Violators May Face 3 Months Imprisonment

| June 23 , 2018 , 13:39 IST

The ban on plastic bags and various other plastic items came into effect from Saturday in the state of Maharashtra. The violators may face a jail term for upto 3 months jail or a fine of Rs. 5,000.

The Maharashtra government on March 23, 2018, had rolled out a notification that laid a ban on the manufacture, usage, transport, distribution, wholesale and retail sale and storage, import of plastic bags with or without handle, and disposable products made out of plastic and thermocol.

Citing the environmental risks and harm caused to wild animals from ingestion or entanglement of plastic, the government enforced the ban with immediate effect.

The government had given the manufacturers, distributors, and consumers a period of three months to dispose their existing stock and come up with alternatives to plastic usage.

Under the notification issued in March, products manufactured from plastic and thermocol are covered under the ban. As a result usage of plastic bags with a handle or without handle, disposable cups, plates, spoons, forks, glasses, and containers are prohibited in the state. 

Plastic packaging used to wrap and store the product are also under the list of the items whose use is prohibited in the state of Maharashtra.

However,  Plastic used for packaging medicines and drugs, the food grade virgin plastic used for packaging milk, compostable packaging bags used for horticulture and agriculture purposes, plastic bags used for export goods, the plastic used at the manufacturing stage, the plastic used for handling of solid waste are not covered under the ban