Maharashtra Govt Offers 1% Reservation For Orphans In Govt Jobs And Education

| April 3 , 2018 , 10:27 IST

The Maharashtra state government issued a Government Resolution (GR) on Monday to provide 1 percent reservation to orphans in government jobs and education in the state. The announcement also stated that there will be no caste certificate required for availing the reservation.

It is for the first time that such a reservation benefit is being provided to orphans.

State Women and Child Development Department issued the GR which said, that this move will help orphans get education and government jobs after leaving the orphanage.

It will also be applicable to all scholarship schemes, fee reimbursement schemes for professional courses and admissions in government-run hostels, said the GR.

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As per the GR, a separate category for orphans will be introduced within the general category, which means the government will not have to increase its caste reservation quota which has already reached 52 percent.

GR also clarified that only those whose parentage and relatives are not known will get the benefits of the reservation.

The benefits will be available to orphans having an orphan certificate issued by the state government. The certificate will be given to all orphans residing at government-run or private orphanages registered with the state government, the GR stated.

Earlier, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had announced that a separate quota would be formed in state government services for them. The announcement was made after he came across the case of a young woman who had passed the Maharashtra Public Services Commission (MPSC) exams but did not qualify for a job as she did not make it to the merit list of the open category.

Accordingly, the issue was discussed in the state cabinet and the reservation was agreed upon.

This move also followed the condition of the orphans in the state which were facing difficulties in getting government jobs in the reserved categories as they were unable to establish their caste.

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