Lucknow Inter-Faith Couple Gave Fake Information For Passports: Cops

| June 27 , 2018 , 15:15 IST

Interfaith couple Tanvi Seth and her husband Anas Siddiqui shot to instant prominence when Seth publically accused a Lucknow passport office worker of discrimination, resulting in instant passports for her and her husband and a transfer for the official.

However, Lucknow police on Tuesday submitted an adverse report on the couple, regarding the couple making wrong declaration, including giving an incorrect address for their 'current residence' in their form.

According to sources, the couple could be fined Rs 5,000 for misleading the authorities and creating a ruckus and may even have their passports cancelled.

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A day after the Seth made public allegations against passport official Vikas Mishra of hurling religious slurs, the couple was handed over their passports and the intelligence unit of the Lucknow police was entrusted with the verification procedure which includes verifying current and permanent residences.

The intelligence unit submitted a 'verification failure' on the couple with the adverse report.

The report, quoted by TOI read: “Applicants name in passport form is Tanvi Seth while in her marriage certificate Sadia Anas. Applicant is working in BT Global Business Service Pvt Ltd, Noida. Applicant lives on rent at B604, JM Archit apartment, Section 76, Noida. This rental address is not mentioned in the passport form by application.”

The intelligence unit also couldn't find any proof to establish that the couple was indeed residing at the Lucknow address mentioned in their passport form. UP police sources added that the intelligence unit was also unable to find any mobile tower locations or phone calls by any of the numbers used by the couple from the given address in the past one year.

Meanwhile, Regional passport officer (RPO) Piyush Verma, said that his office was examining the report submitted by the UP police and would take appropriate action. He also rejected reports that Mishra's transfer to Gorakhpur was being revoked.