Left With 2, Indian Navy In Urgent Need Of Minesweepers

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| September 30 , 2018 , 14:57 IST

A Senior Naval Officier on Saturday said that the Indian Navy is in an urgent need of minesweeper ships to safeguard the water borders and trade lanes across the sea.

Rear Admiral Rajaram Swaminathan while speaking to news agency said that the Indian Navy requires 12 minesweeper ships and at present has only two. He also said that the Navy needs these ships on an urgent basis.

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Minesweepers are small naval warships that detect and destroy underwater mines and are considered vital for keeping the critical sea lanes safe for movement of essential cargo, including crude oil.

According to media reports, Centre has been looking for a foreign collaborator for this Rs 32,000 crore project, entrusted to GSL, for procuring 12 minesweeper ships.

The minesweeper locate, classify and neutralize all types of ground and underwater mines.

Earlier in 2017, A parliamentary committee slammed the government for delay in procurement of the minesweepers and asked it to make efforts to fill the gap in the Navy's capability.

There are at least 12 major ports and several other minor or intermediate ports in the eastern and western seaboards and hence procurement of these warheads are necessary.