Shocking! Kolkata School Forces Female Students In Admitting To Lesbianism

| March 14 , 2018 , 17:42 IST

In a bizarre incident, a group of twelve 13-year-old girls were threatened with expulsion by South Kolkata's reputed Kamala Girls' High School as they were displaying "lesbian behaviour". They were further asked to write about indulging in the sexual behaviour of fellow students.

The enraged parents of harassed students alleged that their wards were forced to "write that you have put your hands in your friend’s blouse; that you’ve tickled them under their skirt, hugged them and held their hands," and were told that they are "suffering" from homosexual behaviour.

Talking to The Quint, one of the girls admitted of being taken to the acting headmistress of the school, Shikha Sarkar's room, who told them in derogatory language about their "uncivilised" behaviour before forcing them to write all about their wrong deeds.

Following the incident, the students' parents were called to the school and were informed about their daughters' misdeeds. One parent said, "We were explicitly told that our daughters are ‘suffering from homosexuality’. The headmistress admitted to us that the kids were made to write the letter."

Surprisingly, the school authorities are not guilty of their actions and are rather emphasising that the students were merely punished for their wrong behaviour. "The students have written everything on their own. We haven’t forced anything on them. The matter is solved," Shikha Sarkar said.

Notably, even the Education Minister of Kolkata Partha Chatterjee doesn't find anything wrong in the school's actions. "It is the duty of the school authorities to take appropriate action if (the girls) are found guilty," he opined, adding, "I have asked my department to seek a report from the school."

However, he also admitted, "They can’t ask the students to write anything if they are not guilty. Neither can they be lenient if the students are found to be “indecent” in their behaviour." Parents of the students have lodged a complaint against the school but an FIR is yet to be registered.