Kerela: Class 5 Student Expelled From Madrasa For Wearing Bindi

| July 7 , 2018 , 23:26 IST

Henna Malayil of class 5 was expelled from a Madrasa in Kerala for wearing a bindi on her forehead in an assignment of the short film. The action against the girl was taken as the fringe groups had pressurized Madrasa to expel her.

The issue came into light when the father of the victim took it to social media to seek help. He posted about the issue on Facebook. 

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Ummer Malayil had also written about the achievements of his daughter in academics and extra-curricular activities. She has proved herself on the various district-level competition. She always tops in class.

The post was written in the Malayalam language that had gone viral and has received over 8000 likes and 2,881 shares, the majority of people have been supporting the victim and her father. 

The Madrasa however faced criticism against it's act to expel a fifth class girl for wearing a sandalwood bindi in an assignment of the short film. 

It is claimed that Madrasa in Kerala had incorporated changes in its system to reflect the diversity of the country.