Kerala Love Jihad Case: Bring Convert Hadiya To Court On November 27, Says SC

| October 30 , 2017 , 13:44 IST

The Supreme Court on Monday announced that the testimony of 24-year-old Hadiya, previously known as Akhila Ashokan who converted to Islam to marry a Muslim man, was essential to pronounce any judgement on the infamous 'love jihad' case filed by her father and directed her to be presented in court on November 27.

The apex court stated that the consent of the girl for the marriage is paramount as she is an adult by law.

Hadiya's father Ashokan KM took his daughter to the Kerala High Court alleging that her marriage to a Muslim man was used as a recruitment tool by the Islamic State which was witnessed as having an increased presence in Kerala.

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In May, the Kerala High Court had annulled the marriage of Hadiya and ordered her to return to her parents in the Kottayam district. Her husband, Shafin Jehan, whom Hadiya had met on an Islamist matrimonial website, filed an appeal against the annulment of the marriage as well as against the Supreme Court sanction to the National Investigation Agency to examine if his marriage for a case of 'love jihad'.

The concept of love jihad involved referred to an emerging pattern of Hindu women being lured by Muslim men who were allegedly agents of terrorist groups looking for recruits. Around 89 such cases had been identified in Kerala itself. 

In a video released in August, Hadiya was heard pleading to leave the confinement with her family.  

"Get me out of here. Today or tomorrow, I am going to die. I am sure about this. My father is getting angry, I can make out. He pushes me, stamps at me," said Hadiya.