Karnataka Congress Working President S R Patil Resigns Over 'Unsatisfactory Performance' In Polls

| June 3 , 2018 , 15:21 IST

Claiming moral responsibility for the “unsatisfactory performance” of the Congress party in North Karnataka during the recent assembly elections, Karnataka North Congress Working President S R Patil tendered his resignation from the post of 'Working President'.

“I have sent my resignation to Shri Rahul Gandhiji through an email some days back after taking up moral responsibility for the party’s unsatisfactory performance in assembly elections,” Patil said to reporters in Bengaluru on Sunday.

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"I was in-charge of the party's performance in North Karnataka. Had my party won more seats from there, we would have formed the government independently," he said.

"I am not lobbying for any post. If the party gives me responsibilities I will take it up but I will not leave the Congress for any reason. I will be happy to work for the party even without a post," Patil said.

In the high-stakes Karnataka elections, the BJP emerged as the single largest party, however, the government was formed by a post-poll alliance of Congress and JD(S) as neither party had enough seats to form government independently.

The Congress party lost many seats in North Karnataka, winning only 8 seats in Belagavi, 2 in Bagalkot, 3 in Vijayapura, 1 in Gadag and 2 in Dharwad, districts.