Kapil Sibal Pens His Condemn Towards CAG’s Ironic Decisions, Says Compromised With India’s Future

| October 28 , 2017 , 15:53 IST

Former UPA minister Kapil Sibal is known for voicing out his concerns and opinions regarding the government policies without caring for the world. In a recent editorial published by Indian Express, the renowned SC lawyer penned his impression of Comptroller and Auditor General of India and their policy decisions.

Taking a jibe at the ironical decisions taken by CAG, Kapil wrote, “Rs 2,50,000 crore lost on account of demonetisation is not actionable” as the officer “cannot go after policy decisions”. Remembering the excruciating days of demonetisation where thousands were “forced to stand in queues”, out of whom over 100 lost their lives.

Challenging his statement by reminding how the former CAG “questioned the policy decision of not auctioning spectrum and coal blocks but also conjured up astronomical figures of alleged presumptive loss”, Kapil pointed that Institutional works changes with people.

Unimpressed by the performance of banks and their credit policies, Sibal expressed his disapproval towards the usage of funds from foreign and domestic investors. He criticised the CAG decision for cancelling the competitive bidding for spectrum allocation under the cover of “performance audit”.

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Sibal talked about the Coal scandal and telecom competition along with other wrong decisions but didn’t forget to comment on the media’s love for sensationalisation. He iterated that “the objective of any policy prescription is affordable and quality service to the consumer” and not loss presumption.

However he might have tried to keep the government out of his statements, Kapil couldn’t help but mention how many decisions affected both “government and industry” adversely along with the customers. Sibal concluded his editorial with a message for CAG, media, the opposition and the court to realise and rectify their mistakes instead of covering them.