Ahead Of Scheduled Political Tour, Kamal Haasan Makes 'Courtesy Call' At Rajinikanth's Residence

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| February 18 , 2018 , 18:22 IST

Kamal Haasan is on his way to make his political debut with a statewide mega-tour. Before starting his journey, the actor-politician reached to meet superstar Rajinikanth at his residence in posh Poes Garden on Sunday.

Their impromptu meet raised many eyebrows, igniting the speculations of their political speculations. However, before any theory was scrutinised, Haasan informed the reporters that meeting Rajini was a mere "courtesy call".

Upon being swarmed by media persons outside Rajini's house, Haasan cleared the air stating, "Only time will tell on both of us joining hands...  I came to inform Rajini about my political tour... Rajini wished me good luck."

Kamal Haasan will address his first political meet on Wednesday and reached to gather well wishes from Rajinikanth who wished him luck along the lines, "Kamal wants to serve the people of Tamil Nadu. I pray to God that he attains success."

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He further stated, "He has not entered politics for fame or money but only to serve people of the state." Rajinikanth also made his long-awaited announcement of joining politics in December and announced that he would follow "spiritual" politics.

Both the new entrants of politics have been asked time and again about their collaboration, a question which they keep dodging with the "time will tell" quote. Haasan has been a vocal critic of the state's ruling AIADMK government.

After unveiling his governance model at Rameswaram this week, Haasan will begin his mega-tour, which he has called a "journey of discovery". He will meet various people before and during his voyage and attempt to "understand people's needs and aspirations".

Post Rajinikanth's official announcement of political entry, Haasan has expressed, "I hope Rajinikanth's colour is not saffron because if it is, an alliance is unlikely." Following his statement, Rajini confirmed that his colour is "black", which indicates Dravidian ideology.