Journalism Should Not Ignite Religious Differences, Amruta Fadnavis Hits Back

| December 13 , 2017 , 14:02 IST

Amruta Fadnavis, the multitalented wife of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis ended up getting trolled when she launched the 'Be Santa' campaign to collect gifts from people to be given to poor children.

Amruta tweeted, "launched-Be Santa-campaign, as Ambassador for @927BIGFM - to collect gifts from people -for poor children ,to bring smiles to their faces during this Christmas.Drop ur gifts at nearest @927BIGFM & Feel the joy -as best way to multiply your happiness is by sharing it with others."

Columnist Shefali Vaidya slammed Amruta's initiative, dragging into the discussion CM Fadnavis whom Shefali said was leading Christmas prayers, indicating that the duo were influencing the people of Maharashtra into Christianity.

Shefali tweeted, "SV- Husband @Dev_Fadnavis leading Christmas prayers, wife @fadnavis_amruta launching Be Santa campaign. Hallelujah! Praise be to the Lord! Harvesting souls in Maharashtra just became a lot easier!"

Amruta responded by saying that love, sharing and empathy have no religion.

"Love , sharing & empathy have no religion - let’s accept all positivity around us & stay away from negative thoughts & demotivating energies!" tweeted Amruta.

Shefali responded, "Dear @fadnavis_amruta DO get your SM team to read all the replies to this tweet. Respect the will of people who elected your husband rather than sounding like a writer of 'Chicken Soup For The Evangelical Soul'

Amruta continued, that while she is a proud Hindu, like many others she celebrates every festival in the country.

"I’m a proud Hindu & like many, I celebrate every festival in my country  & that is an individual choice.... We represent the true spirit of our country ... and that doesn’t dilute our love towards our country, religion & humanity," Amruta tweeted.

Shefali reminded Amruta that since she is the 'First Lady of Maharashtra' her actions are open to scrutiny.

She tweeted, "As a private individual you are free to do what you want. As the First Lady of Maharashtra, your actions will always be open to scrutiny and criticism. And who is 'We' here?"

Amruta lashed back at the columnist, saying that journalists & journalism should not ignite the fire of religious differences.

"In my capacity as a Proud Hindu Citizen,  I will always try to unite & bring in harmony wherever I can. But just wish to remind you that empathetic journalists & journalism should not ignite the fire of religious differences. I can’t stop a serene action bcoz of some wrong deeds!" Amruta tweeted.