Jind Rape Case: Dead Boy's Family Alleges Police Of Torture

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| January 20 , 2018 , 10:47 IST

Haryana has produced many sports champions in the past years but the state has not just made headlines for the right reasons. Also described as the "rape capital" of India, the state witnessed another shocking crime against a 15-year-old who was brutally assaulted sexually and murdered in Jind.

The accused named Gulshan was found dead earlier this week but his family seems to have been facing the atrocities of his supposed crimes. Gulshan's family members have accused the Police of torture and illegal detention. Notably, the investigation team has been indicating various angles of the case including abduction and suicide.

Gulshan's father, brother and two other relatives were detained last week by the Police, who were released only on Thursday. Radha, the mother of accused alleged, "They were detained by police on January 13, after the girl’s body was found, and I saw them again five days later."

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Expressing her sorrow over Gulshan's death, she further added, "It was news of my son’s death that brought back my husband and younger son. Even in my grief, I felt relief. Nothing can be worse for a mother."

Jaswinder Kundora, Gulshan’s father alleged that his younger son and nephew, who are both minors,  were tortured in front of him. He said, "They slapped him (his son), beat him up, spread his legs apart and kicked him in his private parts."

Further explaining the severity of the scenario, he painfully admitted, " They even gave him electric shocks... They stripped me naked, tied me to a bench and forced my head into a bucket of water." Both the boys are unable to move and sit properly since their return.

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Gulshan's cousin alleged, "Call detail records show that I spoke to Gulshan last on January 9. They kept asking me where Gulshan was and what he had done with the girl. I kept saying I did not know anything and they continued to beat and torture me."

A 15-year-old Dalit girl along with Gulshan went missing from Jhansa village on January 9. Three days later, the girl's body was found nearly 120 km away in Jind. The boy's body was later recovered from a canal about 25 km from Jhansa village on January 17.

During the probe, Police has suspected Gulshan of the crime but his death forced them to look into other perspectives. Kurukshetra SP Abhishek Garg denied the allegations made by the boy's family stating, "They were only called for questioning and were not harmed in any way. We may perhaps need to question them again."