Is It Wrong To Go To A Temple? Questions Congress President Rahul Gandhi In Ahmedabad

| December 12 , 2017 , 14:04 IST

Newly declared Congress party President Rahul Gandhi, on the last day of campaigning before the second and final phase of the Gujarat elections, hit back on BJP's questioning on why the Congress scion visited multiple temples leading up to the Gujarat polls.

"Whenever I went to a temple I just prayed for a 'Sunehra Bhavishya' for the people of Gujarat, a better development here. Is it wrong to go to a temple?" Rahul Gandhi asked in Ahmedabad, during his first press conference after becoming Congress party President.

"I keep going to temples, this is a BJP story. I went to visit Kedarnath. It is in Uttarakhand not Gujarat. Wherever I got a chance I went to the temples and felt good," he said.<

Rahul Gandhi, slamming the ruling BJP government, said that only one-sided development had been taking place in Gujarat over the past 22 years.

"In last 22 years Modi Ji and Rupani ji have initiated only one-sided development here, the one only for 5-10 people. Not everyone has been given their rights," the Congress President said.

Talking about Gujarat campaigning, "3-4 months back we started our Gujarat visit, we met every class of people. We made a vision for every class of people," said Gandhi.

"Whatever decision we will make about Gujarat, it will only be done after talking to the people of Gujarat, after listening to their voices. No decision will be taken unilaterally," he added.

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"Inflation at all-time high under BJP. Business suffered due to new policies of the Government," said Gandhi.

"People of Gujarat are very intelligent, they can see that PM Modi is not talking about corruption or farmers in his rallies. I am actually little surprised, I had expected BJP to fight with more strength,"  said Congress President Rahul Gandhi.