After 30-Year Service In Indian Army, Soldier Accused Of Being An Illegal Immigrant

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| October 1 , 2017 , 14:32 IST

A retired soldier has been accused of being an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant after he served 30 years in the Indian army. The Assam police have also registered a case against him, which will be heard by the foreigners' tribunal on October 13.

"I am very sad, I cried a lot. My soul is broken. After 30 years of service I have to face such insult," told retired soldier Mohd Azmal Haque talking to NDTV.

On the accusation of being an illegal immigrant, he said, "If I were an illegal Bangladeshi, how could I serve the Indian army?"

Citing the Army recruitment process, the retired soldier said that the army conducts a police verification before accepting troops. Raising questions over the allegations the soldier said the same was done on his recruitment as well.

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Living in a small village in Assam named Chayyagaon, 70 km from capital city Guwahati, the soldier said that his wife was also accused of a similar allegation in the past.

His wife Mumtaz Begum was also allegedly tagged a Bangladeshi immigrant back in 2012 after which the couple had to appear before the court to prove their citizenship. He said that they produced all the necessary documents in front of the tribunal court and it declared her a proper Indian citizen.

Bangladeshi immigration is a sensitive issue in this northern state. Reports suggest that thousands of illegal immigrants pour into India and take shelter in these hill state. According to data, the state has a Muslim majority in 9 of its districts now as compared to 6 in 2001.

The BJP also came into power in the state with the promise to tighten the noose on illegal immigration from Bangladesh by sealing the 262-km-long border with the neighbouring country.