Indian Press Is A Little More Fair Than The US Press: Donald Trump Jr

| February 23 , 2018 , 12:43 IST

The arrival of US President Donald Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Junior in India on February 20 for a week-long visit resulted in a backlash from US media that felt Trump Jr's visit was a conflict of interest. Showing a similar distaste for US press as his father, Trump Jr termed Indian press as being 'more fair' although being rough at times.

"The Indian press is rough at times too but perhaps a little more fair than the US press which is a total disaster! Anything I say can and will be manipulated to suit their narrative," Trump Jr said in a conversation with TOI.

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“The other day I was asked a question at an interview: ‘What separates India from some of the emerging worlds you’ve been to?’ I’ve been lucky to see it all and gave a heartfelt answer about the spirit of the Indian people, even with the disclaimer of understanding some of the poverty that’s there. Of course, Washington Post ran with, ‘Trump likes poor people because they smile!’ That’s not what it is. The aura I see here and fell in love with, I don’t see in other parts of the world,” Trump Jr said in the interview.

In the past 10 years, the 40-year-old Donald Trump junior has made around 7 trips to India, which is the biggest international market for The Trump Organisation, with 4 major real estate projects underway.

During the course of Donald Trump's presidential elections, the reins of the real estate empire were slowly transferred into the hands of his sons, Donald Jr and Eric so as to avoid a conflict of interest in the case of Trump becoming President. Although questions were raised about the suitability of Trump junior visiting India, the trip was reportedly planned even before Trump Sr became the US President.