India & Russia Likely To Sign S-400 Deal During Putin's 2 Day Visit To India

| October 3 , 2018 , 12:44 IST

A top Russian government official on Tuesday revealed that India and Russia may confirm the S-400 deal as the Russian President Vladimir Putin will be on a two day visit to India, which would start from Thursday.

Putin's top foreign policy Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov while addressing the media said that a contract for the supply of five regiments of Russia's S-400 air defence missile systems to India worth $5 billion will be signed during Russian President Vladimir Putin's upcoming visit to India.

He further added, "Certainly, special attention during the conversation in a narrow format will be paid to defence industry cooperation, which is one of the active components of our cooperation. The countries jointly develop and manufacture modern military products.''

The Kremlin press service announced last week that the Russian president would pay an official visit to India on October 4 and 5. According to media reports, India wanted to sign the deal in the 2018-19 financial year and for delivery to begin within two years.

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But the sale had exasperated the United States, as they want to reduce the amount of Russian technology purchased by all its defence partners, and a senior Pentagon official said in August that sanctions against India would come under consideration if its purchase goes through.

India has signalled it will ask for a special waiver from sanctions, though a U.S. official last week said there is no guarantee it would do so.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia are both currently in talks with Russia to buy S-400 systems.