India Invites US President Donald Trump To Be Chief Guest At Republic Day Parade 2019

| July 13 , 2018 , 10:48 IST

Amidst tensions with the US over trade tariffs, Iran oil and Russian defence deals, India has invited US President Donald Trump to be the chief guest for next year's Republic Day parade and celebrations.

Although India is still waiting for an official response to the invitation, the US is said to have indicated that the Trump administration is favourably considering the invitation, reported Times of India. The invitation was sent by India in April this year, and was followed up with several rounds of diplomatic engagement.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi government marked the first attendance of a US President in the Republic Day celebrations in 2015, when then President Barack Obama attended the Republic Day parade.

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President Trump, since coming into office, has emphasised the close relations between India and the US, and the important role that India has to play in the stability of Southeast Asia.

However, in recent months, several differences have come up between the US and India.

Most recently, the US has given India a deadline of November 4 to bring oil imports from Iran down to zero, or else India may also face sanctions. Since the US withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal, and re-imposed sanctions on Iran, the US has put pressure on other nations to reduce their dealings with Iran. The sanctions on Iran are affecting India as Iran is the third largest fuel supplier for India.  

Last month, the US postponed the 2+2 dialogues with India, where it was expected that the US and India would iron out some of their differences.  

Since coming into power, US President Donald Trump has been considered to be unpredictable and has ruffled quite a few feathers internationally due to his bold stands and implementation of sanctions.