Hitting Back, India Asks China To Retreat From Bhutanese Territory

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 6 , 2017 , 12:14 IST

As the standoff at the Sikkim border between India and China continues and China repeatedly asks that Indian troops withdraw from 'Chinese territory' before diplomatic relations can be resumed, India too in turn has asked for Chinese troops to withdraw from Bhutanese territory to reduce tension in the area.

Maintaining its position of not bending under pressure from China, India said that the border standoff can be resolved diplomatically and that Chinese soldiers should leave the Bhutanese territory to reduce tension in the area.

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"I think the issue can be resolved at the diplomatic level. The Chinese troops should stay where they were earlier. China is approaching towards Bhutanese territory. We want them not to come forward," said Minister of Defence for State Subhash Bhamre.

"This is our security concern and this is our stand. Bhutan's King had yesterday given a statement that Chinese (troops) are entering into its territory. This tension can be resolved at the diplomatic level. Across the table we can solve all the problems," he said.

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Bhamre's comments come in the wake of China accusing India of 'trampling' on the principles of the Panchsheel pact and demanding that India withdraws its troops immediately.

The situation between India and China worsened when India protested to China's road building exercises in the Doka La region which marks the tri-junction border area between India, China, and Bhutan. While China claimed that Indian troops have trespassed into Chinese territory, India has maintained that they have been on Bhutanese territory, in help to the smaller nation.