In 4 Years Your Govt Has Done Nothing For Dalits: BJP MP Yashwant Singh To PM Modi

| April 7 , 2018 , 13:48 IST

Dr. Yashwant Singh, BJP MP from Nagina is the latest Dalit MP from Uttar Pradesh to publicly show his resentment against the party leadership.

Dr. Singh, who won the 2014 General Elections with more than 92000 votes and belongs to the Jatav community has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging that Modi Government has not done any work for the betterment of Dalits in the last four years.

Two other BJP MP’s Chhotelal Kharwar from Robertsgunj and Ashok Dohre from Etawah wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi complaining against UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Chhote Lal Kharwar complained that he was facing discrimination by the administration in his constituency and that his own party was not hearing his complaints. He claimed that he met with CM Yogi twice but was "scolded and thrown out".

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Ashok Dohre complained that the local police were targeting Dalits and multiple cases were registered against them after the April 2 agitation. He wrote that Dalits were being pulled out of their homes and beaten.

Nagina MP Yashwant Singh, who is a doctor by education, did his M.D from AIIMS and qualified the United States Medical Licensing Examination before entering politics. In his letter, he credits the reservation policy for his achievements and reminds Modi that despite several efforts from him and other MP’s from the Dalit community, not a single work for the direct betterment of Dalits was undertaken by the Modi Government.

On the SC/ST Act controversy, Singh writes that there is no Dalit representation in the judicial system of the country because of which judges come up with new rules and regulations that diminish the rights of Dalits.

“When we were elected to the Parliament and heard your speech that this Government is of the poor, Dalits and deprived, we were happy that you will pass the reservation in promotion bill for the direct benefit of the downtrodden Dalits. But today, we the Dalit MP’s of BJP have to face our constituents and are unable to reply to their questions.” Dr. Singh writes.

Concluding his letter, Dr.  Singh requests PM Modi to bring in the bill for reservation in promotions, bring in backlog job vacancies and reservations in private sector and to get the court decision on SC/St Act reversed.

Read his full letter

Ashutosh Kushwaha

This guy calls himself educated and crying for reservation? Really? It looks like all his education degrees are fake because an educated person is always welcome in private sector, and he could be a doctor in any hospital. Reservation is a curse. What the hell is a "Dalit"? A guy having all the luxuries and have his majority of people is called Dalit? Shame. Modi ji, if a bunch of croocks can force you to make wrong decisions, what can we hope for future? An SC/ST guy is president of India, what else do these people need? We general guys aren't Rich or we don't have a genius mind to score 95% marks. Reservation must be banned asap and everyone must be given equal opportunities. Or do us a favour, issue us a passport and visa and shift us to US or any other country, we can't live in India with this kind of stupidity and we can't sacrifice the future of our children for these non deserving beggars.