Imran Khan Nothing But A Chaprasi, Pakistan Run By ISI And Military, Says Subramanian Swamy

| October 1 , 2018 , 13:07 IST

Violence from Pakistan army and terrorists along the Indo-Pakistan border has seen a marked increase since Imran Khan was sworn-in as Prime Minister, despite his comments on resuming peace talks. Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Sunday called the new PM Imran Khan a 'chaprasi' or peon, saying that Pakistan is run by the military, its intelligence agency ISI  and terrorists.

"Imran Khan is nothing but a 'chaprasi' because the country (Pakistan) is run by the military, ISI and terrorists, and Imran Khan is just one of the 'chaprasi' of the government," Swamy, who is known for his sharp words, was quoted by ANI as saying.

"There is only one solution to Pakistan. Balochis don't want to be part of Pakistan, Sindhis don't want to be part of Pakistan, Pashtuns don't want to be part of Pakistan, so break Pakistan into four parts - these three (Baloch, Sindh, Pashtun) and the residual West Punjab," said the BJP leader.

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"I also think that (External Affairs Minister) Sushma Swaraj should not waste her breath speaking about Pakistan in the UN because Pakistan gets psychic pleasure when India abuses it," Swamy said.

"Just ignore Pakistan, prepare your military and one day break it up into four," he added.

Swamy's statement came soon after External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, during her address at the United Nations General Assembly said, “Our neighbour’s expertise is not restricted to spawning grounds for terrorism; it is also an expert in trying to mask malevolence with verbal duplicity.” 

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Pakistan’s envoy to the United Nations Saad Warraich exercising the Right of Reply on Swaraj's statement, accused the RSS of being the 'breeding ground' of terrorism in the area.

“The breeding ground of terrorism in our region is the RSS centres of Fascism. The claims of religious superiority are perpetrated through straight patronage all across India,” the Pakistan envoy said.

“Members of India’s minorities, including Christians and Muslims, are publically lynched at the hands of Hindus elites, where an unabashed Hindu extremist Yogi Adityanath, who openly supports the superiority of the Hindus, serves as the face of the largest Indian state Uttar Pradesh,” Warraich said.